Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023| Vastu used in jersey design

Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023

The Lucknow team of IPL has launched a new jersey for 2023. Franchise owner Goenka said that Vastu has also been kept in mind in the design of Jersey. Kunal Rawal designs the jersey. The color of the jersey is dark blue. 

Jersey was unveiled by BCCI Secretary Mr. Jay Shah and owner of Lucknow Super Giant (LSG) Sanjeev Goenka.

Team captain K. L. Rahul and Coach Gautam Gambhir were also present on occasion.

A fashion show was organized on stage before the jersey was launched.

Captain Rahul also walked on the ramp yesterday, although he did not wear a jersey but wore a dress of similar color to the jersey.

LSG Jersey 2023

Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023
Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023
  • Kunal Rawal designs the jersey. 
  • The color of the jersey is dark blue. 
  • There is a red stripe on both sides of the jersey.
  • LSG is inscribed all over the jersey.
  • A small green line can be seen near the pocket.
  • Goenka says the jersey symbolizes power and achievement.
  • Vastu has also been kept in mind in jersey design.
  • My 11 Circle sponsors the front of the shirt. 
  • The branding of the shirt is done by greenply.
  • The Lucknow IPL team addressed the jersey launch as The Pride of Lucknow on its Twitter handle.

Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023 fans’ reaction

Lucknow IPL Team New Jersey 2023; Some fans commented that the 2012 jersey was better than this one. A fan wrote that no color is available except blue.

Someone wrote that this is the worst jersey.

Overall, the fans could have found the jersey as per expected.

But we should also note that color is not the only basis in jersey design. Sponsor name, team logo, player’s name, and many more are the basis of jersey design. That’s why the review of jerseys based on look and color expresses only one aspect.

What does the LSG family say about New Jersey?

On the occasion of the jersey launching, Sanjiv Goenka was asked, “What principles did you try to capture in the jersey.”

He replied that he had taken some clues from Vastu, and LSG had been inscribed all over the jersey. “The color of Jersey symbolizes power and achievement.”

The captain of the LSG team, K. L. Rahul, says that the style quotient is very important to me. He called it a very stylish-looking jersey.

Fans must give their reviews in a timely manner. Those dimensions should also be kept in mind, based on which the jersey has been made.

Analysis of LSG Jersey 2023

If we look at the jersey, dark blue is an evergreen color. It will look good on players of any texture and skin tone.

The red color garland shape stripe gives a Nawabi look to the jersey. 

LSG written all over the jersey gives it a prestigious look

The jersey’s small green stripe near the pocket enhances its appearance.


Finally, success matters in cricket or achieving any goal, not wardrobe.

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