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The logo of Delhi Capitals IPL team was different at the time of its establishment. At that time, it used to be Delhi Daredevils. But in 2018, the name and logo were changed due to the involvement of another Franchise owner.

The new logo is better than before. The Indian heritage has received enough space in this. It features Delhi’s identity and many vested meanings.

DC Logo
DC Logo
  • In 2018, the team also changed the logo to Delhi Capitals.
  • The logo features three tigers with their mouths open.
  • All three tigers are inspired with Ashok Chakra
  • Tiger is also the national animal of India.
  • The image of Parliament House can be seen on the logo.
  • Three colors, white, blue, and red, have been used in the logo.
  • The logo has been made on a shield.
  • Open-mouthed tigers express hungry to win.
  • Shield teaches the players that defensive mode is also very useful in cricket.
  • The Parliament House is depicted on the upper side of the shield. 
  • Delhi Capitals is written in block letters beneath it.
  • Tigers with open mouths are at the bottom.
  • The logo’s background color is blue.

What the co-owners had to say about the name and logo of Delhi Capitals

When asked what Delhi Capitals means, the chairperson of GMR Group and co-owner of DC, Kiran Kumar Gandhi, pointed towards Jindal without answering.

Parth Jindal explains that capitals mean you are from the capital; it is the country’s capital. It is a way of calling the team.

Jindal further explains that if other teams like Mumbai Indians are seen, you can ask what Indians are. But he is Indian (team name). You are from the capital, that’s what it means, and that’s the answer.

Explaining the new logo, Jindal says that the logo has been inspired by the design of the Parliament House. Because the tiger is India’s national animal and the idea of ​​three tigers is taken from Ashoka Chakra.

DC and Delhi Daredevils logo
DC and Delhi Daredevils logo

The old logo had a ball of fire. White, yellow, and red colors were used in the burning ball. Delhi Daredevils was written horizontally, touching the ball. Delhi was written in block letters and in mono forms on the logo, while Daredevils was written in block letters in ascending font size.

Delhi is in the red and white background while Daredevils is written in white color in red background.

The writing style of Delhi Daredevils reflects the style of play according to the players’ circumstances.

When it comes to cricket fans, they like to compare one IPL team logo to another. Let us also consider the fans’ opinions and resemble the logo of DC.

DC vs MI logo
DC vs MI logo
  • The Indian heritage is depicted in the DC’s logo, while the heavenly object is displayed in the MI’s logo.
  • The DC logo has the three tigers of Ashoka Chakra, while the MI logo has the Sudarshan Chakra of the Hindu God Vishnu.
  • The Tigers in the DC logo indicate the hunger for victory, while the chakra in the MI logo signifies the sharpness of the players.
  • The logo of DC depicts the parliament house as the center of India, while the orange and green color of the Indian national flag is used in the logo of MI, which shows Indian people.
  • The shield depicted in the DC’s logo signifies that protective methods are also necessary for sports. While, the spinning wheel in the MI’s logo indicates that the players must have speed.

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Which logo is better, DC or MI

The logo of both the MI and DC teams in IPL is fantastic. One is neither better nor worse than the other. Both have their importance.

Some play cricket in defensive mode, and some are aggressive. Many players are also known for their particular style.

But one style only sometimes works on every pitch. Everyone’s time comes. Both good playing and poor performance are the two dimensions of the same coin. Playing style is such a vision that one team is distinguished from another.


What is the meaning of the Delhi Capitals’ logo?

The logo of Delhi Capitals shows that both offensive and defensive dimensions matter in cricket.

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