RR vs PBKS 5th April 2023 IPL match| Optimistic for the game

RR vs PBKS 5th April 2023 IPL match highlight

Rajasthan Royals won the toss and decided to field.

  • Shikhar Dhawan comes for batting from Punjab Kings. At the other end is Prabhsimran Singh. Simran Singh started the innings with a bang and completed his half-century in 28 balls.
Prabhsimran Singh completes half century
Prabhsimran Singh completes half century. Photo: Jio cinema
  • Captain Shikhar and Prabh both were playing blistering innings at the crease. And for 9 overs, both the opener batsmen stayed at the crease.
  • Prabhsimran Singh was caught out in 9.3 overs, but he played an excellent inning for Punjab Kings and scored 60 runs in 34 balls.
  •  New batsman Bhanuka Rajapakse comes here and Shikhar Dhawan remained at the crease after scoring 26 runs in 24 balls.
  • As soon as Shikhar Dhawan hits the ball fast, it goes straight into the hands of Bhanuka. Bhanuka gets injured and returns to the pavilion without completing the innings. Now Jitesh Sharma comes to bat; Jitesh didn’t take time to settle down and was batting aggressively. Meanwhile, Captain Shikhar Dhawan completed his half-century in 36 balls.
  • Jitesh Sharma was playing a good innings but in the meantime he hit the ball upwards and Parag took the catch. Jitesh played his innings in the T20 line and contributed 27 runs in 16 balls.
  • New batsman Sikandar Raza comes in. Captain Dhawan is still at the crease; But Raza could not support him and Ashwin got him clean bowled. Raza scored 1 run in 1 ball.
  •   Batsman Shah Rukh Khan comes in the 17th over. Shahrukh Khan was complementing Shikhar Dhawan well when Butler caught his catch. Shahrukh Khan was out. Shah Rukh Khan scored 11 runs in 10 balls.
  • Batsman Shah Rukh Khan comes in the 17th over. Shahrukh Khan was complementing Shikhar Dhawan well when Butler caught his catch. Shahrukh Khan was out. Shah Rukh Khan scored 11 runs in 10 balls.
  • New batsman Sam Karan comes in. Now only two balls are left. Karan scored 1 run in two balls and remained not out. Captain Shikhar Dhawan played an excellent inning and contributed 86 runs in 56 balls for the team.
  • Punjab team scored 197 runs losing 4 wickets in 20 overs.

Batting of Rajasthan Royals

RR vs PBKS 5th April 2023 IPL match

Punjab Kings set a target of 198 runs for victory in front of Rajasthan Royals. To achieve this target, R Ashwin and Yashasvi Jaiswal come for batting.

  • Left hand batsman Yashasvi opened the account of Rajasthan Royals by hitting a six off Karan’s ball in the very first ball. Yashasvi had adopted a very aggressive approach, due to which he was soon caught out; He scored 11 runs in 8 balls.
  • Jos Buttler comes out to bat. Buttler hits the ball upwards and looks likely to be out caught but the catch is dropped and Buttler gets a life.
  • At the other end was R Ashwin. He could not score any runs on 3 balls and tossed the fourth ball in the air. Captain Shikhar Dhawan did not make any mistake in taking the catch. In this way Ashwin could not score a single run for the team.
  •  Now Captain Sanju Samson comes and hits six on the very second ball. At the end of 5 overs, the Rajasthan Royals team completed its half-century.
  • Now Devdutt Padikkal comes to bat. Captain Sanju Samson is now the only ray of hope for Rajasthan Royals after Butler’s departure; but he was also caught near the boundary off Ellis’ ball. The captain scored 42 runs off 25 balls.
  • New batsman Riyan Parag comes in. Parag was caught out in the 14th over; he contributed 20 runs in 11 balls for the team.
  •   Now Shimron Hetmyer comes for Bating. Padikkal is there to support him at the other end.
  • Padikkal was clean bowled by Ellis in the 15th over. Padikkal could not do anything special for the team and was dismissed after scoring 21 runs in 26 balls.
  • You are reading RR vs PBKS 5th April 2023 IPL match
  • Now Dhruv Jurel comes to bat. Dhruv and Hitmyer were leading the innings of Rajasthan Royals. Now 40 runs are required from 13 balls in the 18th over. The average of scoring is more than 3 runs in one ball. Now it remains to be seen whether the Rajasthan Royals team will be able to achieve this seemingly difficult target.
  •   Jurel hit two consecutive sixes in the 18th over. In the 19th over.
  • 19 overs have ended. Now Rajasthan Royals need 16 runs off 6 balls to win.
  •   In the 20th over, Rajasthan Royal’s set Batman Jurel and Hitmyre are present. This is a very sensitive situation for both Rajasthan Royals and Punjab Kings. The dice of the match can turn in any direction at any time. Rajasthan Royals could score only 3 runs on two balls of the 20th over.
  • Now to win, 13 runs have to be scored on 4 balls. The target seems difficult. In the meantime Hitmyer was run out while going on strike. Hitmyer scored 35 off 18 balls.
Hitmyre's run out
Hitmyer’s run out; Photo: Jio Cinema
  • As soon as Hit Myer was run out, there was a wave of happiness in the camp of Punjab Kings.
  • Preity Zinta, the co-owner of the Punjab Kings franchise, expressed her happiness in this way:
Preity Zinta expresses happiness on Hit Myer's run out
Preity Zinta expresses happiness on Hit Myer’s run out; Photo: Jio Cinema
  • Now Jason Holder comes for batting. At this time, Rajasthan Royals have to score 12 runs in 3 balls to win. He was able to score 1 run on the fourth ball and only 1 run on the fifth ball.
  • Jurel did hit a four on the last ball, but it was not enough to win Rajasthan Royals.

The team of Rajasthan Royals lost by 5 runs.

Punjab Kings camp after five-run win over Rajasthan Royals

IPL points table today

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