How to book MI vs CSK Tickets 2023 one day early without paying extra

MI vs CSK Tickets 2023

The MI vs. CSK match will be held on March 8 at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. This game will be the first IPL match in Mumbai this season. So Mumbaikars are very excited about it.

This time the ticket bookings for Wankhede Stadium are divided into four opportunities.

The first chance will go to MI principal sponsor, Slice; the MI family will get a second chance; MI Blue Tire will get a third chance; and finally, the fourth chance will be for all customers. But there is a way based on which any person can book a ticket a day before an ordinary customer can do it.

MI vs CSK Tickets 2023

  • The match will be played against CSK on April 8.
  • Mumbai Indians team’s principal partner is Slice.
  • Early booking for Slice card holders and Slice UPI will be from 9th to 11th March.
  • MI Family Gold, Silver, and Junior members can book tickets from March 12.
  • From March 13, 2023, early booking for MI Blue Tier members and BookMyShow pre-registered members will be available.
  • Tickets will be available for all customers from March 14
  • The minimum ticket price is INR 990. 
  • You can register for free and access tickets one day in advance.
  • To register, visit the BookMyShow site.

How to register on Bookmyshow for early ticket access

You can register on bookmyshow site and app. We will tell you how to register through mobile, computer, or laptop. First, we see how to register on a laptop or pc.

  • First of all, go to the website.
  • Click on the sign-in option; you will see a dialog box.
  • You can log in in 4 ways; Google, email, apple, or mobile number as per your convenience.  

If you want to sign in from a PC or Laptop, click on this link bookmyshow and click the above ‘sign-in’ button. You will see the following interface. If you log in through apple or pc, you will see one more option- continue with Apple.

register on bookmyshow
register on bookmyshow

Continue with Google

If you want to sign in with Google, click on your email address on the PC or laptop you are working on, and you will be signed in.

Continue with Email

If you want to sign in with a different email, then enter the email and click on Continue. Six-digit OTP will go to your mail, enter it and sign in.

Continue with Apple

On selecting this option, you can sign in by entering your Apple ID.

Continue with mobile number.

If you want to sign in from your Mobile, enter your ten-digit mobile number; after that, a six-digit OTP will go on your Mobile, enter it, and sign in.

After signing in, the Profile has to be set up; we will tell you the complete process of profile setup after the process of signing in from Mobile.

Tickets from Mobile

To register from Mobile, go to Google Play Store, type BookMyShow, and enter. Download the BookMyShow app. After that, you will see an interface. The rest of the process is the same as that of pc or laptop. 

How to set up Profile on the BookMyShow site or app

After login, click the scroll-down icon next to ‘hi guest’ and select Mumbai. 

Now edit your Profile; click on hi guest, then click on edit profile.

You set your photo. Please enter the mobile number so that a copy of the ticket will be sent to your Whatsapp. 

If you do not enter the mobile number, then whatever you add to the Profile will be shown as invalid. 

After this, write your name. Date of birth and address is optional. Fill it or leave it. After doing this entire, click on save changes.

Remember, on updating your Profile, instead of Hi Guest, you will display the first and last name you have entered.

If your name is not displayed, then you are not registered. 

If you are facing any problems logging in or updating your Profile, message us in the comment box, and you will be helped.

One more thing, Bookmyshow support center only verifies OTP through mobile numbers or email, and signing in is considered as registration, but be completely safe by editing your Profile.

After registering, always keep checking on below given link. When the number of Bookmyshow registrants comes, book your ticket and enjoy the live match.

Book TATA IPL 2023 Tickets Online on Bookmyshow

Benefits of Pre-registration on BookMyShow

  • You can book IPL 2023 Mumbai tickets a day before the general public.
  • You can avoid the massive rush of IPL ticket purchases.
  • You will get offers from the BookMyShow.
  • You will also be eligible to earn rewards.
  • You will get restaurant discounts.
  • You can apply for a Bookmyshow Play Credit Card.
  • Track your bookings and purchases.
  • Save a Debit or Credit Card to make quick payments in the future.
  • Redeem Points on your purchases.
  • Avail bank offers.

How to sign out from BookMyShow

To log out, you visit your Profile and click on an account setting. If you come down in it, you will get the option of sign out; you can sign out by clicking on it.

sign out from bookmyshow
sign out from bookmyshow

How to register twice on Bookmyshow from the same device

If you want to register twice on Bookmyshow. First, log out from your Profile by following the abovementioned process.

Once signed out, you can register twice by following the same sign-in process with a different email and phone number.

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All the methods mentioned in this post are based on the information from the website of Mumbai Indians and Bookmyshow. We have presented it simply for you to read and understand to save your time.

If you do not get the ticket for some reason, then this post will not be responsible for it, although we will feel sorry for you. 

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How do I update my Profile on BookMyShow?

If you are on a mobile app, click on Profile, then click on edit profile below. Hi. If you are on a desktop or pc, click Hi and edit your Profile. If you cannot update, follow the process mentioned above.

How to book MI vs CSK Tickets 2023?

First of all, you go to Click on sports, then click on cricket. Set the date to April 8. You will see the image of the cricket venue, or you can purchase directly from the above link.     


MI vs CSK tickets 2023
MI vs CSK 8th April 2023 Wankhede Stadium Mumbai

MI vs CSK cricket match will be held on 8th April 2023, at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. You can book your ticket from 14th March 2023.

Event Type: Event

Event Attendance Mode: OfflineEventAttendanceMode

Event Status: EventScheduled

Performer: Organization

Performer Name: Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings cricket match

Performer URL:

Start Date: 2023-03-12 19:30

End Date: 2023-04-08 22:30

Ticket URL:

Entry Price: 990

Currency: INR

Availability: InStock

Availability Starts: 2023-03-12T19:30:00

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